Our Team

Dr. med. Frank-Peter Nitschke

Antony Odell

Dr. rer. nat. Barbara Pommerenke

Dr. med. Petra Schröder

Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Knipper

Dr. rer. nat. Jana Große

Nadine Deuschle, M.Sc.

Carmen Hohmann

Steffi Widmer

Emma Schröder



It is our goal to work together as a qualified and motivated team.

Continuous professional and competency development of our co-workers is very important to us. Delegation of responsibilities, supporting of qualifications and challenging tasks are essential conditions for motivated work.


Knowledge is one of the key success factors of every enterprise. Therefeore it is necessary, that all team members of GBM-V gGmbH share and extend their acquired knowledge. The knowledge of our cooperating partners as an external factor adds to it in many ways.